On this page you can set up a button for your site and get HTML-code for it.

When you put this button to your site:
1. Different parameters for your site will be checked and saved every day automatically.
When you return next time to to check them you'll see daily progress of your site.
2. If you wish, then with interval you set (from 1 to 7 days) your site will be pinged automatically to different services.
Ping will attract search engine's spiders and make your site quickly indexed by search engines.

On this page you can:
- set size and colors of your button so it can fit the design of your site.
- enable/disable automatic ping, choose ping interval and choose services to ping.
- ping your site manually (any site not more than 1 time per day)
- restore button parameters from button code which you already have. So you can quickly change your old button with no need to select all parameters again manually.

To create a button input your site address (for example or into the text field at the top of this page and press 'Create' button.
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Copy button code and put it on site

After you insert this code on your site the statistics
for it will be collected automatically every day

Button Design Settings for

standard sizes:

width: height: border width:

background: image: border:

Ping Settings for

Site name:
Ping this site:  each  days
ping all services
(if new services are added to this list they will be pinged also)
ping only services selected below:
English and/or
international services:
Russian services:
German services:
Japanese services:

any site is pinged not more than 1 time per day

Suggest a good service to ping
You can resore button settings by code.
Insert button code here and push Restore.
This is useful if you want to change settings of your old button.